About LEEP, Inc. - Creators of LeepCore™ Steel SIP

LeepCore Steel SIP Manufacture
LeepCore Steel SIP Manufacture

The LEEP corporation was formed to produce a better building material, based on combining and improving upon tested and proven products and technologies; a material which is easier and faster for builders to employ, and produces safer, cost effective, green, and reliable buildings and homes.

LEEP has combined and advanced these technologies, using proprietary roll-formed metal geometries, proven chemistry, and high-speed manufacturing machines to produce the LeepCore Structural Insulated Panel.

LeepCore sets the new standard for certified strength and reliability in construction of commercial-code walls, roofs, and floors. Structural engineers have been amazed that such a lightweight material (3 lbs/sq. ft.) has such great strength. LeepCore can be used as the only structural component for an entire building.

LEEP’s vision is to exceed the design challenges of customers across the globe, including:

The first LeepCore prototype building was constructed in Twin Falls, Idaho in 1998, demonstrating that LeepCore buildings could obtain building permits, liability insurance, building inspections, and all requirements for final inspection and use permits. Since that time, this operational commercial building has remained essentially maintenance free in the face of the subzero winters, 110°F summers, gusting winds and sandstorm conditions typical of the high-desert Snake River Canyon location.