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LEEP Press Releases - LeepCore™ Steel SIP

May 02, 2012 LEEP Delivers First Domestic Mail Screening Buildings

February 02, 2012 LEEP Delivers RHUs for US Army Training Facilities

May 03, 2011 LEEP, Inc. Delivers First U.S. Marine Corps Installation Order

March 02, 2011 LEEP Delivers Additional International Mail Screening Facilities

February 09, 2011 LEEP, Inc. Receives Initial Purchase Order for the US Auto Industry

August 04, 2010 LEEP, Inc. Receives Initial Purchase Order for Haiti Housing

March 23, 2010 LEEP, Inc. Announces European Order

January 20, 2010 The Bradbury Co., Inc. & LEEP, Inc. Announce Joint Agreement

January 05, 2010 LEEP, Inc. Announces Sales Orders

December 01, 2009 LEEP, Inc. Awarded U.S. Government Contract

November 17, 2009 LEEP, Inc. Announces Major Debt Settlements

April 30, 2008 LEEP, Inc. Pursues International and "Green" Certifications

January 23, 2008 LEEP, Inc. Passes Critical Product Review in Florida

Other News - LeepCore™ Steel SIP

October 20, 2014 First Residential Projects and More News

June 21, 2010 A Letter to Our Shareholders and Stakeholders from the CEO

April 19, 2010 LEEP, Inc. Announces Haiti Rebuilding Partnership

July 29, 2008 Financial Audit Complete