Our Product - LeepCore™ Steel SIP

LeepCore™ high performance structural insulated panels (SIPs) are truly revolutionary load-bearing, insulated, framed or frameless construction panels that can construct freestanding walls, floors, and roofs of residential and commercial buildings. LeepCore is lightweight, yet strong enough to exceed the most stringent building codes.

The LeepCore panel forms custom panel sections, which in turn form walls, roofs and floors. This modular approach optionally integrates the LeepCore panel into all facets of a completed building, utilizing the LeepCore structural, energy saving, and cost effective Building Panel System. Panels, assembled sections, or entire building kits may be ordered from the factory precut to the millimeter.

Architectural and engineering guides are available. Please contact your LEEP sales representative or jnordstrom@leepinc.com for details.

LeepCore Lightweight Galvanized Steel and Polyurethane SIP - Structural Panel System LeepCore Thermal Efficient, Cost Effective, Building Panel System

21st century construction demands technology which:

Patented LeepCore high performance structural panels are formed from class 1 polyurethane insulating foam sandwiched between structurally-shaped steel sheets. Each panel can withstand compression, tensile and shear forces hundreds of times its own weight. Optionally requiring no wood, steel or concrete frames, LeepCore buildings are a virtual thermos, maintaining indoor climates while keeping the elements and noise out.

Product Information: