Applications of LeepCore™ Steel SIP

LeepCore™ Structural Panel System for almost any style of construction…


LeepCore™ can be used for Single-Family homes, from affordable to luxury, shipping from the factory with an attractive and low maintenance finish, or supporting the application of most any other traditional exterior finish. Fast and affordable construction saves money for the builder and homeowner, and green and healthy building saves energy and avoids illness and injury for decades to come. Strength, wind and water resistance makes LeepCore ideal for severe weather areas.


LeepCore is ideal for low-rise and mid-rise buildings, able to serve as wall, floor and roof systems. The built-in wiring trenches facilitate complex wiring of multi-unit buildings. LeepCore shortens construction cycles, where time is quite certainly money. Dramatic reductions in energy and maintenance costs, and even insurance rates, mean lower costs to property owners. This helps to keep rents or condominium fees affordable, increasing return on investment, and preserving value.


LeepCore Structural Panel System for School LeepCore is the ideal choice for both permanent and portable classroom and academic construction. Our product exceeds municipal energy efficiency guidelines, remains mold, mildew and rot free, and creates a comfortable and quiet setting for learning. LeepCore academic buildings, from single portable classrooms to large academic centers, provide permanent classroom benefits in about the same time as modular delivery. LeepCore has been used for school buildings in Florida, exceeding the states stringent hurricane codes.


LeepCore Structural Panel System for Commercial

Extensively customizable, LeepCore panels may be used to serve a wide range of commercial uses from retail, to industrial to office. Corporations with many projects, such as chain stores, can leverage the value of factory designed and precut sections that quickly assemble on site. As with all LeepCore applications, commercial buildings gain the advantage of near zero maintenance costs, and dramatic energy savings, which is becoming more critical almost every day.

Military and Remote Sites

Lightweight and easy to construct, LeepCore prefabricated structures are ideal for forward deployed military units or any difficult to reach location, such as burgeoning oil sands towns, NGO sites, mining, and others. LeepCore strength, insulating, and virtually soundproof characteristics make it an excellent choice for command-and-control, medical, logistics and personnel quarters in the harshest most remote regions.

Emergency and Portable Housing

LeepCore Structural Panel System for Portable and Emergency

FEMA, U.S. States, NGOs and others can warehouse and rapidly deploy LeepCore based emergency housing. LEEP builds transportable, easily erected, affordable, safe, and comfortable designs for government and relief organizations. Options include kits that ship unassembled in standard shipping containers. The LeepCore houses can remain in place as long as needed, including semi-permanent or permanent, or be disassembled when the emergency is resolved and returned to storage ready for the next need.

Product Information:

Baker County Educational Facility Constructed with LeepCore