Value Comparison - LeepCore™ Steel SIP

The LeepCore Structural Insulated Panel offers unprecedented performance and value. This is why LeepCore deserves the title of "the building material designed for the 21st century." When compared against traditional building methods, LeepCore offers a clear advantage in many areas. See the table and chart for more information.

  LeepCore™ Wood Frame Wood / Foam Panels Metal Concrete Block Concrete Tilt-up
Self-supporting High High High High High High
Energy Efficiency High Medium High Low Low Low
Strength/Weight Ratio High Medium Medium High Low Low
Fast Erection High Low High Low Low Low
Water/Rot/Mold Resistance High Low Medium Low Low Low
Termite Resistance High Low Low High High High
Wind Resistance High Low Medium High High High
Seismic Force Resistance High Low High Low Low Low
Life-cycle Savings High Low Low High High High
Competitive Installed Cost Low Medium Medium Medium Medium Low

Relative material weights (lbs/cu. ft)


At 9lbs/cu.ft. (3lbs/sq.ft.), LeepCore can ship multiple buildings by;
flat-bed truck, air cargo, airdrop, rail, or sea.

* Depending on amount of wood in combination with other materials and their weights.

Product Information: